Resilience to adverse weather – Storm Emma

Storm Emma and “the beast from the East” have arrived and we are experiencing major impacts across the UK. In most cases where there are widespread personal impacts, there is a knock-on effect to our levels of business resilience. We should never overlook that without people there is no business.

Overnight across Hampshire and Dorset there have been motorists stranded in their 100’s and train failures with passengers forced to stay put overnight in freezing carriages.

Today at least 50 schools are closed in the New Forest area alone.

Of course, what affects one part of society i.e. the elderly, can have a lesser impact on the not so elderly. As a caring society let’s look out for anyone who needs assistance. Please take a moment to check on your neighbours to make sure they are OK.

Personal Resilience

Whole communities across the country have experienced serious impacts and have demonstrated great resolve and stoicism in getting on with their day to day lives. Indeed, some of my elderly neighbours have still made their daily trip to M&S.

NHS and Emergency Services personnel have been walking miles to get to their surgeries; hospitals; and fire stations to be there for the rest of us. This is commendable but expected given the dedication of those people upon who we always depend.

In the news reports over the last 24 hours there are many examples of personal resilience being displayed in our society. These ultimately impact on the resilience of the country to remain open for business.

Business Resilience

While we as individuals do our best to carry on, the business community are expected to have assessed the impacts on their daily operations and invoked their business continuity plans.

In regard to the current scenario; remote and mobile working must be introduced to cater for the potential staff displacement. In addition, the plans must be based upon a clear understanding of those critical services that have to be maintained.

Customers depend upon suppliers and consequently during a disruption will want assurance of how this is being managed. This includes the impact and duration as this affects our own business and customers.

If your business has been impacted and you have identified any gaps in your resilience capability, please give us a call for a free consultation. We are here to play our part.