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Business resilience and our approach

Resilient businesses have competitive advantage

Resilience is a strategic objective that helps organisations to survive and prosper and extends way beyond business continuity or disaster recovery. It is best described as a dynamic and relative condition, not a state, as organisations need to be flexible and more adaptive to change. Those organisations that are highly resilient are therefore stronger, more flexible and agile. This gives them a sustainable competitive advantage over those who are less resilient.

Business continuity – foundation for resilience

Business continuity enables an organisation to continue delivery of key products or services at acceptable predefined levels following a disruptive incident.

To support its desired level of business resilience an organisation must have developed its business continuity capabilities.

Consultancy to simplify and manage relevant risk

Our consultants work with clients to  plan ahead so that when anything which impacts on “business as usual” arises, they will be best prepared to respond and recover their previously identified business critical services.

Simplifying and managing the risks relevant to your business will empower you to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to incremental change and sudden disruptions to survive and prosper. Being resilient will give you a competitive advantage in providing assurance to your customers, staff and key stakeholders that their obligations can be met in the face of adversity

Free initial consultation to highlight typical risks

A free initial consultation is without obligation and will highlight typical risks in your business sector including insight into successful management strategies, whilst demonstrating the depth of our knowledge and experience.

Formal engagement: detailed scope with agreed budgets

We commence every formal engagement in the same way:

  • Agreement of high level scope with clear deliverables and nominated specialist resource(s)
  • Preparation and presentation of proposal
  • Launch ‘discovery phase’
  • Our team works seamlessly within your organisation to get a fuller understanding of your business. This includes your business objectives, principles and values
  • This enables us to identify and assess the risks to your business then advise and implement the necessary actions to mitigate these risks
  • We will at all times focus on keeping all solutions cost effective and in accordance with agreed budgets.


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