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About James Dynan Associates

James Dynan Associates is a risk management consultancy based in Lymington, New Forest.

We subscribe to the “converged” approach which integrates the different aspects of resilience – technology, physical, people and processes – to mitigate the threats faced by business today, whatever the  size or industry.

We specialise in providing business continuity and resilience solutions to organisations of all sizes in Hampshire, Dorset and the South of England.

James Dynan has spent many years both employed and as a consultant, within organisations ranging from international corporates to SMEs.

A highly motivated and intuitive risk professional with over 30 years’ experience, James has successfully delivered risk programmes for Business Continuity, Crisis Management and Corporate Security, including defining a new Business Resilience approach and supporting major UK incidents involving impacts to people and facilities.

James is also a regular member of the Judging Panel for the CIR (Continuity Insurance and Risk) Business Continuity Awards.



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